What is APS Package for Google Apps Service Product ?

It is a pre-packaged professional service offering from Google or Parallels system integration partners to implement a Google Apps APS package on a Parallels Automation (PA) Service Provider Partner platform.

Why SofCloudIT?

  • SofCloudIT has already developed a Google Apps APS package and we know all about it
  • We are the first integrator of Google Apps in the Parallels Automation Platform
  • We will do the project right the first time around and in 72 hours
  • We are the most experienced partner of the Parallels Automation Platform

What services do we provide?

    1. Conduct remote assessment of (i) of partner use case and requirements (ii) of fitness with Google Apps package functionality
    2. Provide preliminary introduction to the partner about the package functionality
    3. Deliver the most current version of the Google Apps APS package at PA Partner platform.
    4. Installation of the most current version of the Google Apps package on the partner's PA platform
    5. Configuration of the Google Apps APS package to work within the partner's PA environment (Support PA Partner staff with configure) to deliver the functionality specified in the package documentation.
    6. Additional 4 hours of remote detailed technical training on the package and its functionality
    7. Additional 24 hours of remote support post-implementation ending 12 weeks after launch including ending necessary fixes to APS package to meet functionality specified in documentation

What is the price?

The pricing for Google Apps Service Product for the PA Partner is $5.000 USDAdditional services associated with Google Apps APS package implementation are possible and will be negotiated and executed with service provider partner

What is NOT included in Google Apps APS Service Product?

  • Any license rights associated with Parallels Automation, other Parallels products, Google Apps, other Google products
  • Any services associated with installation, configuration, implementation of Parallels Automation or other Parallels products and Google Apps or other Google products.
  • Any other services not explicitly spelt out in “What is included in Google Apps AP-SP”
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