Time-to-Market is reduced making use of technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap in Parallels Automation Online Store.

Home.pl, the leader hosting provider in Central and Eastern Europe and the founder of hbscloud.com white label service provider, has introduced SofCloudIT’s HTML5 template as preliminary Parallels Automation store. SofCloudIT product was implemented both for hbscloud.com resellers and also for own home.pl brands. By using this template, home.pl was able to reduce time and complexity in the process of onboarding new resellers, simplifying the whole process of store customization. Besides, the final result allows a better user experience, a faster performance of the store and a fully responsive layout that will make the most out of each visitor.

According to Szczepan Rędzioch, Head of PA platform development team, “the go-to-market strategy is core to our success, since we are a channel-centric company aiming at exponential growth. We needed a tool that could help us to onboard new resellers easily and with the highest flexibility”. For Roberto Fernandez, CEO of SofCloudIt, working with home.pl and hbscloud.com is ”a key milestone for us, provided the current size and future projections of the company. We are devoted to building long-term relationships in which trust is central to the equation”.

About home.pl and hbscloud.com
Home.pl is one of the largest hosting and cloud providers in Central and Eastern Europe, the founder of first in Poland white label service provider hbscloud.com (HBS). HBS partners both SMBs and large enterprises, which want to sell hosting services under their own brands, without need for development, CAPEX investments or building own technical team. HBS experts also provide training and help with business development.

About SofCloudIT
SofCloudIT is a Parallels System Integrator leader in professional services to telcos, big hosters and services provider, as well as APS packaging and plug-in developments to integration of Apps in Parallels Automation. We have offices in USA and Spain and our high performance team has more than 40 professionals certified by Parallels with 260 certifications so far. We have a production and sandbox Parallels Automation Platform and we are certified under ISO 20000, ISO 27001 and ISO 15504.

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