Parallels ecosystem supports the only web creation platform in the market aimed at professionals that provides an economical solution adaptable to all kinds of devices and operating systems.


SofCloudIT has successfully delivered the APS (Application Packaging Standard) for Zeendo, a cloud-based responsive web editor that provides an economical solution for small businesses which want to have their own website, based on a technology that is responsive to all kinds of devices and operating systems in the market.

The tool, especially designed to be reach the market via telecom companies, provides them with a value-added service for their clients. Not only will they be able to gain more clients, but also to promote loyalty programs.
In the words of Roberto Fernandez Grau, CEO of SofCloudIT: “Zeendo is a user friendly responsive webmaker which provides an amazing final result; a multidevice web development solution that allows editing online content”

Thanks to SofCloudIT, one of the most specialized teams in the development and deployment of cloud tools for Parallels, Zeendo has been awarded by with a Gold Certificate. APSstandard is one of the most important cloud catalogs in the market, listing applications that can be integrated into Parallels platforms. These applications get a full automation of the sales process and the customer management, and are used by the main telecommunication operators and cloud solutions providers.

This certificate, internationally recognized by Parallels ecosystem, will allow Zeendo to provide its services to telcos in a much more effective way, enabling a seamless integration with them and accelerating the actual launch. Also, telcos can expect to win a greater number of clients thanks to this value-added solution.

This is the second cloud brokerage platform which has been integrated with Zeendo, offering a solution that allows them to expand their services catalog for telecom companies.

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