SofCloudIT has developed a module which enables a seamless integration of Microsoft Dynamics into Parallels Automation, allowing the automatic export of the information of all accounts , services and documents to the ERP-CRM system of Microsoft. The main features of this development are automatic record of invoices, sales orders injection, payment documents conciliation and the automated creation of new products and customers in Microsoft Dynamics.


The company will be able to keep a detailed analytical accounting, as well as by type of services, which will positively impact in the improvement of the Business Intelligence information systems of the company. Full traceability of the purchase process and e-invoicing are now possible, together with some other features such as payment collections and conciliation within Parallels Automation and Microsoft Dynamics.

Main features:

  • Replication of all the information in both systems: sales orders, payments, invoices, customers, products, categories.
  • Full management of accounts, sales representatives and commission, as well as bank orders, transfers or other offline payments unrelated to Parallels Automation.
  • Payment conciliation with accounting documents in the ERP system.
  • Automatic update of all brands and resellers in Microsoft Dynamics.
  • e-Invoicing integration.


  • Time and costs reduction in administrative and control tasks.
  • Unification of all lines of activity in one platform.
  • Improvement of the Business Intelligence information systems and decision-making.

This innovation can be deployed fully customized for any telco or service provider owning a Parallels Automation platform, suiting their needs in a flexible and scalable way.

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