SofCloudIT has developed a set of functionalities enabling multiple domain registrations in Parallels Automation, contributing to the automation of the platform. Consequently, TELCOs, Big Hosters, Domain Registrars, Service Providers and their resellers will be able to perform several operations from their panel such as:

  • Bulk renovations of multiple domains selected
  • Simultaneous registration of hundreds of domains
  • Mass edition in domain contacts
  • DNS settings for multiple domains

The automation of these operations results in faster and easier advanced functionalities in the Parallels Automation platform. Furthermore, facilitating the ability to manage long lists of domains while assigning the same Domain Name Servers or existing contacts.

1. Select Customer Account


2. Select Domain Names (filter by expiration date)


3. Enter Promo Code to redeem


4. Select the Payment Method


5. Order Summary


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