SofCloudIT works closely with Communication Service Providers to customize their cloud services platforms to their specific needs speeding up their time to market.

As a certified Parallels Partner deeply experienced in cloud services, SofCloudIT offers an essential understanding of the Parallels ecosystem and the APS platform due to its excellent know-how. The company excels at a different range of professional services:

Since 2009, SofCloudIT’s high performance team has participated in numerous projects of deployment and configuration of cloud automation platforms with big TELCOs, putting special attention on business consulting and onsite works. As a result, this team has a deep knowledge in all aspects related to advanced configurations of Parallels Automation that improve business and profits. The vast experience and a proven track record of success in Parallels ecosystem is complemented with an outstanding know-how that the core team has gathered thanks to 15 years offering cloud services.

SofCloudIT has one of the world´s largest team specialized in Parallels technologies. Its 40 members speak English and Spanish, two of the most widely used languages ​​in the cloud business. As of today, the company has been certified by Parallels with a total of 129 certifications, owning a sandbox platform of Parallels Automation, an essential tool for testing and implementing advanced configurations in this technology.

Parallels Automation is the most widely adopted platform to automate and simplify cloud service delivery. It is a modular solution that complements the existing platforms of the TELCOs, integrating them into OSS and BSS.

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